Wrench Day, January 11th 2014

Oh oh, guess what day it is? It’s Wrench Day!
A chance to do some maintenance on your moto in the company of friends. Usually the weather or trail conditions are rough enough, and those needed services on your bike have been postponed too long already, so it is a perfect opportunity to Bench Race, do some wrenching, munch on yummies, and recount our trail adventures of the past year. Bring your own parts, fluids and tools and count on a couple of hands to help you with those tasks we always say we “should do, but never have the time”.

The location this year will be at the Swick’s home in McMinnville.
The date is January 11th. We will start at 10AM and put the bikes back in the rigs at 4PM.

To do list:

  1. Email your attendance confirmation to Katie. Or your questions to Kent. (RUTS has some special service tools to help with bearing and suspension tasks).
  2. Order some wheel, shock mount, swing arm and steering bearings for your bike (especially if it’s been more than a year since you checked them!!). Gather the fluids, grease, seals, and gaskets you will need.
  3. Download Emeril’s tastiest appetizer\side dish recipe (be sure to have someone make the dish that knows how to cook better than you). ;-p
  4. Load up your truck with your moto, chair, side dish, tools….AND

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