April Camp Out 11th-13th

Our Spring Camp Out will be at East Line Quarry in the Nestucca OHV Area.

We plan to work on trails (not back-breaking stuff) on Saturday and finish off the day with a BBQ and hang-out session. For the craazzies with lights, there might be a hare and hound chase through the dark. Who knows?!

Sunday AM will consist of a morning camp fire devotional and then loops for each type of rider. Might as well go see the results of our work – only at light speed, right? Rides will go to lunch or later, and then folks can load the wagons and head on home.

We’d like you to register by sending a message to katie@rutsoregon.org telling us the following information:

1. How many in your party.

2. How many nights you will be staying (or, if none, which day you plan to join us).

3. What hand tool(s) you might be willing to bring.

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