RUTS Oregon April Camp Out 4/8-10

Hi All- Time to get excited! The camp-out at East Fort Rock is 2 weeks away. 🙂 We are planning for all kinds of trail conditions but, at least, they should all be open. We will be trying our luck with space at Camp 25 and will be pulling in after work on Friday (for some of us it means we won’t get there until 10PM). Rider’s meeting will be at 8:30AM Saturday and first loops will start at 9AM, We will bring route charts for a few of our favorite loops so you don’t have to trouble yourself with trail confusion. Only trail cruising. RUTS is providing chili (and cornbread? – maybe) for dinner on Saturday night. Want to bring something to add to the table? Or maybe you have some spare logs for firewood? If so, please bring them! So that we know how much chili will be needed, and to know to watch for your rig pulling in, please shoot a message to so we can keep the records straight. Round up your elephant ears and your marshmallow sticks, and join Racers Under The Son, Oregon for some fun on bikes and each other.

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