Wrench Day 2017

We will be having Wrench Day on Saturday the 8th of January. We have a great facility once again that is heated! Not only that, there’s enough room for everyone to wrench, brag, and eat. What more could you ask for, Redbull TV?! Yeah we got that, on a 6 foot screen.

Hey, why not? Why don’t you wait to change your rad and brake fluid until the RUTS Wrench Day? A brake-shoe re-do would be a good thing too. Have you checked your wheel bearings? Leaky Fork Seal?

You can do it all, and in good company, with at least one hero that knows his way around a bike stand (in case you are interested in a tutorial). That way you have one hand for your coffee cup and one to high-five a job well done.

RUTS Wrench Days are LIT. You should plan to join us from 10 to 4.

If you bring a snack to share, we will provide coffee and pizza!

And you get Rocky Mtn Race Gas too!

RSVP: Katie@rutsoregon.org

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