RUTS Oregon Range Day

For a twist on the typical January RUTS event, what do you think about getting together for some target practice fun?! Yeah, that’s right, we are planning to have RUTS Range Day this year  on January 13th,  instead of Wrench Day. It should look like this:


You bring your favorite handgun(s) and/or 22 caliber rifle; your ammo and a couple targets; your ear and eye protection; rubber boots; your camp chair, some kind of beverage to share,  and definitely bring your shotgun if you have one.


RUTS will provide your lunch (in the form of a six foot sub sandwich), clay pigeons if you have a few, and the location.


All you need to know is:

  1. We will shoot from noon to 2-ish (We have a clay pigeon hucker so plan for moving targets!!)
  2. We will gather under a barn roof after shooting for bench racing and sub devouring
  3. There is no cost to join in
  4. You need to RSVP to Katie by Wednesday for directions (between Laurelwood and Farmington), and to ask questions

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