Club Rides

Monthly announcements about club dates, times, and locations.

October Club Ride is ON!! Saturday the 10th

Hi Everyone- How’s this for a switch? An October Club Ride.   Yeah, the first one we’ve had in about 9 years. That’s right, we’ve been at the 24 Hour Race for almost a decade and decided to stay home for once. Well, that said, the forest is looking really […]

September Club Ride on the 12th!

Crazy how the woods were closed to all OHVs due to fire danger and then in 10 short days, the trails have standing puddles.   So, what should we do about it?! That’s right…   Let’s Ride! Please join us on the 12th for a few hours of awesomeness – […]

April Ride is a camp out!

Come join us for a camp out with riding on the 10th through the 12th of April. We plan to circle the wagons at Camp 25 in the EFR OHV Area about 20 miles East of Bend, No cost to you of course, but please be sure to remember your […]

March Ride…What’s up with the weather?

Come on out for an awesome ride in the Coast Range with us won’t you? Trails and temps are truthfully epic right now. RSVP to so we can tell you the staging area we’ll meet at. Arrange your arrival so we can have a rider’s meeting and be on […]

November Club Ride!

Let’s all head out to the woods for a fun day on the trails! If that sounds good to you, then meet us at the Elk Flats Staging Area around 9:30AM on Saturday, November 8th. We’ll have a great day riding and getting to know future friends. Please send your […]

August Club Ride is on the 9th and…

We are encouraging you to camp out at Elk Flats. We’ll host the ride on Saturday like usual: 9:45AM Rider’s Meeting, 10AM first loops, lunch on your own, after lunch loops for those who are interested. THEN, stay and camp with us and in the morning either ride some more, […]

RUTS July Club Ride is on the 12th!

Hey OHV enthusiasts, we’re having our monthly club ride on Saturday the 12th of July. We’ll be headed out to the Coast Range to doddle our way around the woods. RIder’s Meeting is at 9:45AM, please be at it so we can start riding at 10AM. 🙂   RSVP to […]

May Club Ride is on the 10th!

Won’t you consider meeting up with RUTS this month for a day in the woods? We’ll be staging at Elk Flats and riding out from there at 10AM. It will be a day filled with fun and the puddles might be filled too! Only, not on Mama Bear TIe, we […]

April Camp Out 11th-13th

Our Spring Camp Out will be at East Line Quarry in the Nestucca OHV Area. We plan to work on trails (not back-breaking stuff) on Saturday and finish off the day with a BBQ and hang-out session. For the craazzies with lights, there might be a hare and hound chase […]



March Club Ride is on the 8th!

With the current warm temps and snow-melting rain, it is looking great for the next Club Ride. We plan to launch out of Elk Flats at the moment, but ask that you be prepared to move down the road a few miles in the event that another winter blast blocks […]